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Frequently Asked Questions


Why Should I include Shockwave Therapy (SWT) in my Practice?

Patient results give evidence that shockwave therapy when combined with manual therapy such as fascial work has amazing results.

Therapists that have taken the course note better results , less time, Less impact on therapist body.

Financially Viable

Longevity of Career

Do I have to have a machine to take the course?

No machine is needed for Level I, however you will be trained and able to start on patient care Monday morning should you have access to a machine Monday Morning following course...

For Subsequent Courses- Machine access and hands on patients experience is required

How Much are the Machines?


For Radial shock wave machines there are a variety on the market with different power strengths, however most therapists take the middle of the road approach $12,000 - $16,000 CDN.

For Focal Shockwave Machines can range in price upwards of $60,000 CDN

Is the cost of a machine really practical for a massage therapist?

Yes!, We review costs /benefits in course to show how you can make the investment in your future. 

Do I need all 2 levels of Certification to practice?

No, most therapists will take Level I and perhaps Level II to ensure their meeting patients needs for Rehabilitative Therapy. 

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